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  • Reviera Windows has been serving the Ottawa and Gatineau region for almost 10 years.
  • We help home owners protect their loved ones and property investments by installing 100% Canadian top-quality vinyl windows and doors.
  • All our products are manufactured right here in Canada. All windows and doors are built to exceed quality testing standards by at least 30%! Quality Canadian windows and doors for Canada’s harsh climate.
  • We offer a wide selection of Energy Star windows, patio doors and entry doors.

Single/Double Hung

This traditional window design has stood the test of time from the early days. It is also an excellent choice for historic homes where architectural or historical integrity must be maintained.

Hung windows are a traditional style of window found in many homes where the bottom sash slides up to open the window and the top sash is fixed.

The sash also tilts in to permit easy exterior cleaning from the inside plus it comes with an easily removable half screen.

  • Double locks over 30” width.
  • Available with double or triple pane Solar Solutions glazing options
  • Multi-chambered design insulates and prevents condensation
  • Flush mounted locks don’t obstruct your view


Awning Window

Awning windows provide a unique range of operation, yet they must also blend in flawlessly as a component of the home’s overall design.

Awning windows are top hinged windows allowing the window sash to swing out and upwards.

Our Awning windows open up to 45 degrees from the bottom letting air circulate freely, while also providing a unique protective shield to keep rain out.

  • Easily removable smooth edge overlap screen with hidden retention system
  • Premium hardware for effortless operation
  • Double multi-point locking system provides additional security

Single/Double Slider Tilt

This window design is appropriate for the side of homes or for smaller rooms within the home. This Hybrid style of window combines an appealing appearance mixed with functionality.

Our Single Slider window has only one sash that slides horizontally within the frame with the other sash fixed. The normal slide is from left to right (viewed from the outside) but the opposite slide is available (must be specified when you order) and the sash tilts in for easy exterior cleaning from the inside.

This window comes with a half screen that is on the end that opens only and is easily removable. Our Double Slider window has both sashes that slide horizontally within the frame.

Both sashes move and tilt in for easy exterior cleaning from the inside and come with a full screen that is easily removable.

  • Horizontal operating sash tilts in, permitting easy exterior cleaning from inside
    Easily removable pull tab full screen
    Heavy-duty cam action locking system for security
    Double locks over 30” width

Casement Window

The contoured profile adds an architectural element that will create a unique look for your home.

Casement windows offer top to bottom unobstructed views, structural integrity and amazing ventilation. They are hinged on the side so the sash swings outward, either left or right depending on your needs.

These windows open up to 90 degrees so you can easily clean both sides of the glass from the inside plus you get an easily removable screen.

  • Up to 90 Degree opening allowing you to clean easily from inside
  • Easily removable smooth edge overlap screen with hidden retention system
  • Premium hardware for effortless operation
  • Multi-point locking system provides additional security

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